How should I go about making a all-in-one retro gaming PC


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Sorry if this is the wrong section.

I have a PC connected to my home TV and was looking for a way to have all-in-one emulator with the main retro consoles. But most of the guides I saw were quite old
and talked about the pros and cons of then-current emulators. I was wondering if the retro gaming landscape has changed and maybe now theirs an universally recognized "best" emulating software?

Want I am looking for in an Emulator:
1. Ability to play split-screen multiplayer with friends.
2. Compatibility in using wireless solutions to multiple controllers.
3. Ability to a decent amount of the retro consoles. (N64, SNES, ps2, ect.)
4. Friendly UI for controller navigation.
5. preferably have some graphic enhancement tools. (post processing AA ect.)
6. Run within windows.

Also if their is any controller that you would recommend using please let me know.

Thanks for reading
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Welcome to the forum man.

I had a friend who had a laptop used only for emulation.

He didn't have an emulator that played everything but merely shortcuts to his favourite emulator for each retro console.

He had a usb extension adapter which he connected wireless controllers to that worked with all the emulators.

So maybe instead of a all-in-one emulator, have one for each console you want to play.


of course retroarch with decent GUI (emulation station etc...)
or manay emulators with one fronted.