How do you use Savestate on epsxe?


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Hi I'm new to emulating, and i was looking up savestates. What exactly are they, and how can i use them? Can I use save states to change a game from one emulator to another? Finally, on epsxe, is F1 the save state button? how does this work?

Please answer, thanks in advance!!

edit: alright save state saves as a .001 file, which i cant use on other emulators.... answers?
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Hi buddy
I'll give u the basics of saving states

F1 : Save State
F2 : Change State
F3 : Load State

it's actually working like quick save game "the best part is that the games won't know u saved like Resident Evil & so on"
you have 5 different states to save on them & u can change between them by using F2
and to load the saved state just select the state you want by F2 then press F3 to load it & that's it
Play hard ok ;)