How do i transfer my pokemon emerald game progress from IOS to windows 11?


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So I got pokemon emerald on my iPad while I was on vacation so that I could play it there. I used eclipse emulator on browser and not the ios app as my storage was full. I made it quite far, got 5 gym badges. I would like to continue playing the game on my windows 11 computer, and I tried to upload the game files through Google drive, uploading the entire zip file, downloading it on the computer and used visual boy to run it and it worked but my progress was not saved. So how can I move the game file so that I can play on my computer?


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Hover your cursor over the game screen to display the icons at the bottom of the emulator screen. Look for the icon with an arrow pointing down at the bottom corner of the screen. The icon should say « save » or « save state » when you mouse over it. Press the icon to download your save file.


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When you're in the game, hover over an icon at bottom right corner of emulator screen to display its different options. Look for one with arrow pointing down and see if it says "save" or just saves states (it will be written out). Press this button when playing so that your progress can be saved onto file!