Hi i am new and want to use a Dell OptiPlex 3020M did not no where to post


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I am thinking of geting a Dell OptiPlex 3020M Micro i5 4570S with a gt 730 4gb in it as a media center pc and want to no what emulator i could run on it. and this is a long shoot but would it run wii u thanks for your time


Everything should works fine even playstation emulation.

What platform do you want emulate ?

All or only consoles ?

By all i mean also arcade cabinets with emulator mame or finallburn neo etc...

Which operating system did you choose Windows 10 or Linux or something else?

Do you want use frontend or everything separately ?

List of all systems and emulators is here:

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i am thinking windows 10 and Front-End i want to emulate consoles snes ps1 ps2 GameCube sega Saturn and maby Wii U and ps3 but wii u and ps3 may be to much for it but i dont no