Hey guys, I am finally bettering my life!

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Recently (About 1.5 months ago), I got into an apprenticeship for Masonry. It is a paid apprenticeship and I am getting real world experience involving this trade. It may seem kind of an odd profession choice for one so muddled into computers, but it is what I love and I hope to be able to apply that to my lapidary projects as well. I am still able to moderate, so lack of moderation won't be an issue. Just thought I would share that little tidbit since no much really happens on general chat, so I am going to try to scavenge a little discussion out of this thread. Employment has been a really big issue for me, and to have this great of a triumph is abnormal compared to my regular lifestyle. Saying this, what experiences have you guys had that changed your life for the best?
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Did they teach you the secret handshake yet?

Has anybody else made that joke to you yet?