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I am using Retroarch emulator to play Casper and have the Sega - Saturn (Beetle Saturn) core loaded. I have got quite far into the game and just get to the room where you have to use the glue on the ghost. But it then goes back to the Sega controls menu and cannot continue. I cannot see a disk 2 for the game. Anyone got any ideas or any solutions such as converting my game saves to run on the Playstation version? Thanks in advance


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@BasalGanglia Try other core best is yabuse there are also others.

As you know emulation in beetle is experimental its a a fork of mednaffen emulator this screenhot is of latest retroarch version.

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Thankyou. I found out it had crashed just before I pressed F2 to save. Luckily was using the main gave save regularly too so managed to load it up from there. Then when I got to the same point was fine.

Actually it was because I previously lost my emulator saves on the psx core that I started using the main game saves in addition to it. Not sure why that happened.

But brill if I have any more problems with the Beetle core will try the one you've mentioned.

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I appreciate you taking the time to impart this important knowledge to us. With regard to the gaming consoles that my kids own, it is really useful. Also astroworld merch as well.
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