Help with Game on ePSXe 1.9 (Should be Easy to help [ I think])


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I recently have been playing Xenogears and Final Fantasy VIII on ePSXe 1.9

Okay, first off; I realize these are two games that a lot of people have trouble with; dont freak out.

I got Xenogears playing perfectly, from start to finish (ofc deux gave some probs but ez pz overall)

So, after finishing Xenogears; I began to play FF8

I used the EXACT same settings that I used while playing Xenogears: Pete's Open GL 2.9 for Vid

FF8 Ran absolutely PERFECTLY except for some very minor glitches in certain parts (Namely, when the robot spider was chasing me on that bridge; the bridge got all glitchy; but nothing 'game breaking' as I just ran past that bridge and everything was gravy)

Okay, so heres where I ran into my problem. On DISC 2 in battle of the gardens; where a lot of 'off screen activity' is going on; it started getting all glitchy again.

I made the absolutely idiotic mistake of trying to change my settings around to fix this, and I cant for the life of me figure out what I've done.

I fixed the 'off screen activity' crap; and got through that section, now that I'm back to the 'regular game' I need my settings back how they were, but I can't find 'xenogear settings' anywhere that actually work; the only settings I find are like settings to make it look better, I only want optimal settings for Xenogears to make it run (as I know these xeno settings work for ff8)

The problems I'm having on FF8 are this:

Battle Screen: HP Bars are flashing and have a black background
Cities / Dungeons / Etc: Upon Changing screens my characters twitch like they are having a seizure

ALT TAB while in Game now causes my game screen to become like a Windowed Version that doesn't cover the entire width of the game screen (Some of its cut off) and to get back into full screen I have to press Esc and then Continue; before I had these probs whenever I alt tabbed (to check a faq or whatever) the game would continue playing in full screen (music and all) and I could just alt tab right back to it.

I know this alt tab issue is minor; but I have a feeling it is directly connected to these other issues.

And, Unless I had any 'special game fixes' on for Xenogears; I wasn't using them for FF8, depsite what it tells you to do.

Long story short, I need the "optimal" game settings for Xenogears; as they work for FF8.
Whatever settings you recommend to people whose game crashes to a black screen in battle screens on the way to Docs house. Thats what I originally found and lost :(