Help with creativision emulator


I am trying to use the Creativision emulator, but it does not seem to be working.
I click on the icon, and the emulator appears for a brief second, and goes away.
It stays on long enough for me to read that is has an invalid bios.
I have downloaded bios, after bios and have put them in the bios file. But I still get invalid bios.
I am trying to play my V-tech games but nothing seems to work.
Any thoughts.


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@DisneyRob I was find few:

And from that site:

Since version 0.135 (released on November 7th, 2009), MESS includes my revision of the CreatiVision driver, with a few additions and bug-fixes to previous releases.
Emulation quality is very high, though there's still much work to do in order to add several missing features and to make input management a little bit more user-friendly.
As of 2017, MESS is incorporated in MAME.