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OK, most of you must know Ootake by now. For those of you that don't, it's a PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 emulator. And from what I understand the creator is Japanese, even thou the menu's in Ootake are english.

Anyway the list on wikipedia for PC Engine emulators contains Ootake, but it does not have it's own page like Magic Engine or Mednafen. So I've been useing and editing wikipedia for years now, but have yet to make my own page page from nothing. That's where you come in. Anybody that can help me get more info on Ootake, or help me make a decent page for it on wikipedia.

List of PC Engine emulators on wikipedia
Ootake Homepage

And mabye after this we can convince Leftris to add Ootake to this page ;)

It would seem Ootake on wikipedia is already taken by "Ōtake, Hiroshima", so I called the new page I made: Ootake (PC Engine emulator)
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I think it's time to add also :)