Help!!! I need a GBA-Emu for my N-Gage


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Please help me! I need a Game Boy Advance Emulator for my Nokia N-Gage! I've got a GBC-Emu already but no GBA-Emu.

Please excuse my bad english, I'm not form the UK or USA.



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Will one come?

How much MHz has got the N-Gage?
How much MHz do you need to play GBA-Games on the N-Gage with the speed 80%?

Jet Set Willy

It's not just a case of processor speed, but also of differing hardware etc.

A Pentium II desktop PC will often crawl during GBA emulation - that doesn't really bode well for the N-Gage :)

I don't think one will appear, but let's hope that I'm wrong. Don't hold your breath though.


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You've got to be kidding...GBA emu on an N-Gage..I hope it happens.not!.