Having trouble with Genesis/MegaDrive Emulators


New member
I'm sure I'm missing some simple step, but every Genesis emulator I've downloaded to my PSP I've met with problems.

I see their icon under my Memory Stick section, click on them, and I get prompted back to my main PSP screen with this message:

The game could not be started.

This has happened with DGen, MEGADRIVE for PSP 0.2, and PSP Genesis 0.18c.

What am I missing here?

In my PSP/GAME directory I add a PSPGenesis folder, extracting the EBOOT.PBP files into it. With each emulator this adds the particular emulator's icon into my PSP, but none of them actually start.
I have PSP ver.1.5, btw.

Any help would be appreciated. :)