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:) Hey guys. I just purchased some parts from XGaming a couple days ago for the Arcade Machine I am building. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with them. I have heard a lot about the X-Arcade Controllers but have never personally used one.

I have been reading on another forum about Arcade Controllers and know there are some better brands for parts but I figured for my first project I would go with something less expensive so I could get my feet wet. I’m just wondering if anyone here has had a chance to use the X-Arcade controller, and what they thought of the quality of the Joysticks and Buttons used on it?


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Their parts and products are ok. There are loads of different manufacturers and styles with arcade controls, and its very much a question of 'feel' which tends to be specific to what each person likes.

I personally prefer Wico style sticks and leaf buttons (but then I'm old ;)). X-Arcade do perfectly ok gear though and its a quick easy solution if you don't want to make a panel to your own design. They do use 'reproduced' rather than genuine brand parts though, so you don't quite get the same quality - but then you don't pay the same kind of money.

I buy most of my gear from Ultimarc, occasionally from Happ (if Ultimarc don't stock it) and therealbobroberts is a good source for any oddities or other uncommon gear.


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Never heard of that store.


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I've used some of their controls and I have to say that the "feel" so to speak just wasn't the same as the real deal. I really don't know how to explain it, but the buttons didn't "click right" if that makes any sense. The joy sticks were a little better but not perfect. However, if you're looking to save money on a first project as you said, then I'd go with them. The products may be a little flimsier than others, but no need to spend a bundle on a first project that you may (or may not) make some pretty big mistakes on. Besides, you get used to the feel after a while. Plus, it's still loads of fun and you can always upgrade to more expensive (and complicated-to-install) controls later after you get better at it or save more money.

FatTrucker is right to buy where he does, Ultimarc and Happ products have the best feel. IMHO.
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FT - Thanks for the feedback man, I did get my parts from Xgaming but I am adding all the links you mentioned into my bookmarks. For the first Arcade Machine I am trying to keep my costs down a little bit but I would be interested in pursuing higher quality parts for some of the future projects I have planned.

Jay – I did notice what you are talking about with the stuff I ordered. I haven’t messed with the controller yet but the buttons feel “light” in the way they click. It’s hard to explain like you said but not quite like the real deal.

Thanks to both of ya for the great feedback. I would have posted sooner but I have been on the verge of death for the last 4 weeks with every stupid illness under the sun. Great to be feeling better though! :bow:


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DI, I am in exactly the same position as you are. I got the X-Arcade Tankstick to use with my beginner cabinet and plan to go custom in the future with high quality controls. I also bought the Wells Gardner D9800 Arcade Monitor from them.

From a transaction standpoint xgaming.com was ok. I first purchased the Tankstick and got it with no issues. When I bought the arcade monitor there was some confusion though. The bezel didn't arrive with the monitor and the only document I received was the packing list. I called the sales rep on the packing list who I didn't realize was with WG (very nice and helpful) at the time and then got a neutral-to-unpleasant call from Xgaming after I received the bezel. I got the impression that he thought I was trying to swindle them out of a bezel and that I was trying to go over their head by calling WG which I didn't even realize I had until he brought it to my attention. Oh well, I have my stuff and they have they're money so everything is ok.

The quality seems good. The Tankstick is good for cabinoobs like me, already assembled, easy to plug in, and not too expensive. If I had to be picky it would be with the trackball. I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing a high quality trackball from Ultimarc so I can't compare, but I thought the trackball action would be slightly smoother. Remember, I'm a noob and picky so that doesn't carry too much weight coming from me.