Gumby Needs Help


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i need help with this emulator guys i'm sorry for the bother but i can't seem to get this codebreaker for visualboy advance to work it's driving me nuts could someone pls me through it because it says in need an enable code for everyone i get it but i don't know if i'm putting it in correctly because if i imput it like this xxxxxxx yyyy xxxxxx yyyy it seems to be one code but it says enablefrozen whatever that means but if i do it xxxxxxx yyyy
xxxxxxx yyyy
it's two different code selections can someone pls help me(mainly on medabots rokusho version) with the codes and how to imput them if u don't catch me here my email is pls pls someone help me i'm a noob


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i think you have to name the code with [m] or something like that in front of it.


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[m] means a "Must Be On Code". You need to enter it an enable it all the time, to get the codes working.