Guide to set up pSX v1.13


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Hello, I am using pSX v.1.13 and I would like to know how to set up 4:3 on fullscreen. I have tried to go to "Configuration - Graphic" and set up 4:3 in "Aspect Ratio", but it doesn not work. Can you help me? Thank you.


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Does anyone know how to save on psx when playing digimon world 3 I can't start the game with out saving and everytime I try to save it tells me Memory Card is not formatted. :(


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There are at least two errors persistent in the latest version of pSX v1.13 (aside from a very nonspecific emulator name which is difficult to search for). One, the controller type has to be repeatedly set depending upon which game is being played, rather than auto-detecting the control input. Two, the memory card files have a limited size and need to be inconveniently swapped out once "full", despite such file size limitations not existing on the hardware the emulator runs on. Both these issues are not only unintuitive for the end user, but rather awkward in their present implementation.