GLQuake soundtrack not working


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I downloaded GLQuake the other day and noticed the soundtrack is either missing or not working. The Read Me text file says exactly this.

If you want to play the audio track from the CD-ROM while playing Quake,
you must ensure that the audio cable from the CD-ROM is connected to the
sound card.

I am not playing the actual CD-ROM based game,so how would i get the soundtrack to work?

P.S. All sound effects work just fine. Would be cool to have a game intensifying sound track to go along with.
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The soundtrack is ripped from the game you downloaded. You need the original cd to have the original music.


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A few PC games from the early 3D days have Redbook Audio (CD audio) that could basically be played in a normal CD player.

So because of this those games tend not to get the soundtrack included, because it would be a large image file, and converting to MP3 and then giving ppl instructions to convert back and burn a disc would be too much of a hassle because if there is one thing the Internet has no shortage of - it's morons.

Plus MP3s would result in lower quality audio tracks, so people hate that too. Gotta get an original CD. You can probably find an ISO out there if you look hard enough... Hell the game is so cheap anyway you can probably find it for a few bucks online


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I might go with the ISO. Thanks for the help.