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Congratulations, you just did the same thing he did. How does it feel to bump a year old thread? I would've expected better from a forum staff member -_-

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Did you realize this thread is over 1 year old?
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No matter how old a sticky thread is, it can be revived. My Pokémon thread is constantly being revived without complains.


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hello guys,i m new to the forums of emulator zone.
my name is george and i m 29.i live in greece.i have dedicate my life to dirty women,and dirty games on my pc.!i have first played on the age of 4,an atari 2600,then amstrad,then amiga,then pc...i can imagine that almost everyone in here is a lover of the,i will stick to the subject! :)
i love arcade games,especially out run driving maths i left sneaky from the classroom to play out run in arcade!a few days before,while searching the yahoo,i saw accidently screenshots from the out run 2,but then i saw that it runs only on xbox."perfect game!"i thought in the beggining.
"there should be an emulator"i thought as well.thanks to the lovers of gamers like u,who helped other players conserve their childhood memories,i had emulators of amstrad,amiga,and MAME.but i have searched and see that regarding xbox emulator things are nearly impossible in order to play xbox games in pc.i first saw in your forums this. :(
but reading the next articles,i saw that eventually,there is indeed an xbox emulator that plays SOME of the games.therefore,and cuase i m really confused,i want to ask some things.i would be greatfull to anyone who will helps-i will stand treat lots of wines if he comes to greece,i swear. :D

1:is any xbox emulator working now?
2:i read that the existing emulators can run only a few games,and these with small that true?
3:i have downloaded the emulator,but when i put the dvd of xbox the dvd cant read it.what can i do in order to read it?i read something about ISO,how this works?
4:if there is any emulator that works a bit-i dont care if not perfected-PLEASE PLEASE,tell me how i can make it work!
5:i have rent the out run 2 from a video club near me,so i pay everyday 2 euros per dissapoint was very big,i didnt imagine a complicated scenario like this... :(
please help me,may peace and god keep helping all u to make us happy,cause life is sort...
thanks and sorry for bugging u

i may be 2 years late but ur a fucking retard lmfao douche bag you can get next gen games from the internet for free and its been 2 years since ur message and no they still cant play xbox isos on a xbox emulator because they dont give a shit about the emulator anymore they're making 360 emulators now.


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Nothing playable. The best one currently supports a small handful of games and none are properly playable. It seems to be in development again though so hopefully in a year or 2 there might be something worth downloading.


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Why is it people consistently think emulation is all about giving it power to preform what the console does. Emulators not only have to emulate all the hardware that the console does it also must emulate the firmwares. Most all emulators dont really emulate at all... For example all but one n64 emulator (CEN64) uses tricks to fake emulation. A great example of a more true emulator is BSNES and even at that it does not emulate down to the transistor, it still makes guesses. To run BSNES you need at least a sandy ivy bridge. The snes CPU was a 16-bit 65c816 Ricoh 5A22 @ 3.58 MHz, and a intel 4ghz processor is required... Can you do the math??? Emulation have nothing to do with CPU to CPU comparison at all, period. So before saying some ridicules comment like X CPU is more then enough to emulate X console try to understand what you are actually talking about. Yes the CPU in most consoles are nothing compared to a computer but emulating a console per instruction is not how it works
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Get Your Xbox Emulator

Its about 50 to get one on eBay that is in working order, 30 for one with a stuck DVD drive and 20 for a broken one thats just console only as well, a complete Xbox goes for about 15 more


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Note: According to Gametech Wiki, the console Xbox One has no emulators. It has not been hacked which is an indicator that no one has looked into its architecture to be able to write a program based on it.