GCC Compiler family


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So there is alternative to closed source of compilers for C,C++,D,Objective C,Go,Rust,Fortran.

You should not pay for them so there list:

1.GDC its a free D compiler for every platform by platform im mean computer architecture so os and cpu.


Its a simple and powerfull compiler for install in Debian write in terminal sudo apt install gdc.

But there is information from that site:
GDC was merged into the upstream GCC tree in GCC 9.0 and continues to be developed and distributed as part of GCC.

If you have older GCC you need just like me install GDC separately.

2.GCCGO compler for Go language created by google.

Now also part of GCC:


3.Gobjc Objective C compiler

Now part of GCC too.

4.GCC Rust fast free compiler like all above.


5.Gnu Fortaran


And thats for now if anyone want those compilers only for windows (few are only for linux without GCC) should use msys2 or cygwin.