GBA Save File on PC --> GBA Save File on Mac, Possible?


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I've recently been playing a gba game on my PC using visual boy advanced. Last night I wanted to lay in bed with my gf and play on my Mac because they have visual boy advanced for mac as well. I transferred the save files over my network and when i tried to open it on my mac I got a wrong version error.
Is there anyway of doing this?


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You open the gba files, not the sav files.. and that sav file should be in the same folder as the gba file. It should work, I've tried it before.


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sorry to dig up an old topic but it has recently come up again. Here is my issue.
I'm playing Harvest Moon FOMT on VBA mac. An in game save writes a battery save (.sav) which I can import into PC and the pc in game save writes a .sa1 file. The VBA mac saves states as .sgm and the PC vba saves stats as .sg1.

Thing is i can take Mac .sav and import battery into PC, but I cannot take a pc save to mac. There is no import battery file option for the VBA mac version. I've tried changing the extenstions and you just get a wrong version error.

Any Ideas?