Game Genie Not Saving Codes


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Title explains it all really, but I will talk you through what I did anyway: First off, I open up Kega Fusion and load the 'X-men' rom. It loads and I then click File > 'Game Genie/ PAR.' This opens up a pop-up window titled 'Game Genie/PAR' Here I enter a code (TCKT-CAFT) and a description ('Mutant power regenerates faster') I got from the official GameGenie website. The code is then shown below and I press 'OK'. If I open up Game Genie again, I can see that the code is still there. However, when I close Kega Fusion and reopen it, the codes disapears.

How do I enter game genie codes so that they stay there for next time I use the emulator?


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Try this. Create a Cheats folder in the same directory as Kega. Then go to options > config and direct the Patch Files to the folder you created.