Computer Problem: Fuzzy black and white image from HDMI to CRT via SCART


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Hey folks,

I just bought an old Ferguson B59F CRT TV as I was longing for that smooth curved screen image again for my emulators but I have a problem.

The TV only has a SCART or RF input so I bought a HDMI to SCART converter off Amazon but the picture I'm getting is in black and white plus it's quite fuzzy and flickery.

I tried different display settings to no avail so I tried another more modern LCD TV with a SCART input and it displays in colour fine with a pretty clear image.

The CRT TV seems to be detecting the input and auto selecting the display to an NTSC setting of I think 700 by something (sorry can't remember). I can't find any way to manually set the TV's input or resolution and I'm not very knowledgeable about A/V tech so I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this maybe?

I'm just running a bog standard 32-bit PC with Windows 7 and things like MAME 32 and Kega.

Many thanks!


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The TV only has a SCART or RF input so I bought a HDMI to SCART
LOL no no no... that will never work right ;) This type of conversion requires a tool that gets the job done. What you bough was just a way to see images on a crt from HDMI, nothing fancy.

you can read about a few options here

a bit more on the topic

If you need more help just ask I have a buddy at that knows this stuff very well.

Just no this, you will pay for this in the end. It is not easy nor cheap ;)