Fusion - Autostart Games with BAT.File


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i have a little question.:)
I have seen at some DOS-Box-Games, that have the possibility to start the game with a small txt-file (bat.file example "start.bat"). Then i can start the emulator and game (autostart). Now i looking for this possibility also for
other emulators - in example "fusion".
How can i create a "start.bat"-file to start fusion with some parameters (load game and start in fullscreen, maybe with configuration for keyboard-input)?

The background for the question is that i make a database with many games, with links to manuals and magazin reviews. No i like to make a link to the bat.File for autostart the games.

Maybe, can somebody help me.

Greetings from germany and sorry for "my english language". ;)


why not learn commands to turn on then write a script to run it.
im dont know which language you will use to do that.
mayby lua if its suported or autoit.