Forum migrated to Xenforo!


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Time to get a little technical: for a bit too long the site & forum where running a old unsupported version of Linux (Ubuntu LTS 16.04). That stopped getting any updated a couple a of months ago. Worst still, the site and forum were running on an ancient version of PHP too (v5.6) which has been end-of-life for almost 2 years already.

Now one "small" complication to just plainly upgrading to the latest versions was that our old forum software (vBulletin v4) doesn't support newer PHP versions. So we had to move to something newer. While moving to vBulletin 5 might have seem logical, I personally prefer XenForo over vBulletin 5, and it is made by the original developers of vBulletin!

So to cut things short: we have migrated to new forum software because the old software was too old. At the same time site + forum were migrated to a new server.

There is still lots that needs to be updated/fixed, like the forum style which is very... default right now. Also this post should technically show up on the site in the news section but doesn't yet.

If you experience serious issues (errors, things not working like it should) please let us know.