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FCE Ultra LIVES!!!!!!!!


Windows 10
19 March 2006

Alright, we've uploaded some files--please see the download page. Who are "we," you ask? Anthony Giorgio and Mark Doliner. We're two guys who like FCE Ultra and didn't want to see the project disappear.

What happens now? Well I'm not sure either of us has very much free time to spend working on things, so if you're interested in working on the source, by all means drop us a line. We have checked the 0.98.13-pre source code into SourceForge's Subversion server at https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fceultra/fceultra. Feel free to grab a copy and start hacking.

If you're not much of a coder you could always work on documentation, or improve the web page (which is checked into Subversion at https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fceultra/web).

I can't speak for Anthony, but here are some things I would work on if I had the time:

* Configuration file written as plain-text instead of binary
* Better joystick configuration (currently with my Logitech controller I think I'm forced to use the joystick rather than the joypad)
* Play sound in Linux using ALSA instead of OSS (this isn't already possible when compiled with SDL, is it?)
* Slighty better command line interface (a -h/--help switch)

18 March 2006

The FCE Ultra project has been taken over! Our current goal is only to preserve the state of the project as it was left by the author, Xodnizel. But we'd love to get development going again, too. We'll post more information soon.

I also found FCE ULTRA 98.15 !!!!



Good news cibomatto2002.
FCE ULTRA 98.15 download is starting... :D
My fav NES emu.


New member
I'm not sure if it's something like a semi official version as much, but good to hear anyway
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New member
NNNesterJ is what I'm currently using because of its network feature, but it's not compatible with every ROM out there, so I use FCEU instead. Good to know it's not dead :)


New member
Just by the case I want to clarify what actually is FCEUltra 0.98.15
File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.98.15

Notes: Latest code found on the net.
Still good, but no new work has been done yet, although some other sites post the objectives of this new dev team as 0.98.15 change log :confused: I wish the new dev team the best of luck anyway

Edit: Don't forget to check the unnofficial build named FCEUltra Win32 mappers modified, based on 0.98.13 source.
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