FakeNES v0.5.8 Released!


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The Open Source NES emulator FakeNES has been updated. Let's look at the list of changes, and of course the notes concerning this new build:
Save states have once again been updated to version 1.03. Older state files can still be loaded.
To avoid problems, it is highly recommended that you delete your configuration file before running this new version.
OpenAL is fixed, and is going to stay that way. If you have problems with it, try increasing your audio buffer size beyond the default setting of 4 frames. Thanks to KittyCat for helping me out with it. ^-^
The GUI should work fully in OpenGL mode now, but the new file selector may be quite buggy. ^^;;
Lots of big changes in this release, expect bugs. Many. ;b

AUDIO: Fixed OpenAL once and for all.
AUDIO: Fixed a bug where the APU and DSP sections of the configuration file were not loaded or saved until a ROM was loaded, causing various goofs in the GUI such as channels appearing to be disabled when they really weren't.
AUDIO: Fixed a bug in the API that might cause some games with ExSound to crash with an arithmetic exception.
AUDIO: Fixed a bug that would cause some games to not have sound output from the square wave channels until a rewind or state restore.
AUDIO: Fixed the Delta-Sigma filter.
AUDIO: Quadrupled the size of the main APU queue to help prevent overflows (harmless looping around that creates audio artifacts) in some games.
CORE: Implemented a new timing system.
CORE: Added the ability to set the emulation speed based upon a percentage value, and a cooresponding GUI interface for it.
CORE: Changed the behavior of 'Soft Reset' and 'Hard Reset' to be more correct.
CODE: Implemented a new build system.
CODE: Restructured the main loop.
CODE: Restructured the main GUI loop.
CODE: Restructured the init/reset system.
CODE: Reorganized Source Code tree.
CODE: Fixed some warnings when building under GCC with -W.
DOCS: Added FAQ, which was supposed to be added earlier but wasn't for some reason.
DOCS: Updated docs.
GUI: Fixed a bug where you could close the ROM while a replay was recording or playing.
GUI: Fixed a bug where a dialog would disappear if moved off-screen.
GUI: Fixed shortcut keys not working in some dialogs.
GUI: Redid all menu shortcuts to fix several obvious conflicts.
GUI: Added a new, custom, OpenGL-compatible file selector.
GUI: Added a real-time game clock to the status display.
GUI: Added a GUI interface to configure open and save paths.
GUI: Added the ability to lock the open path so that it is not changed by the Main->Open dialog.
GUI: Added the ability to disable or set frame skip amount from the GUI.
GUI: Added the ability to disable/enable the speed cap from the GUI.
GUI: Added the ability to specify a custom autosave interval from the GUI.
GUI: Added the ability to specify a custom audio mixing frequency, audio buffer size, and audio volume level from the GUI.
GUI: Added the ability to set custom resolutions and video buffer sizes from the GUI.
GUI: Added the ability to configure parameters for some blitters.
GUI: Added configuration dialogs for the 'nes_ntsc' and 'stretched' blitters to the GUI.
GUI: Added the ability to step through the emulation one frame at a time.
GUI: Rewrote the status display and moved it upward as to not conflict with messages.
GUI: Added confirmation (of success) of save states created during gameplay.
GUI: Removed superfluous newlines in GUI log messages.
GUI: Added functionality to view the console and log (via Main->View Console and Main->View Log in the GUI, respectively).
GUI: Switched from Help->Version dialog to Main->View Console dialog for first run 'welcome message'.
GUI: Fixed a cosmetic bug where the 1024x proportionate resolution selections in the GUI were listed as 1152x instead, added 1280x960 standard resolution.
GUI: Removed an excess menu splitter in the Video->Blitter menu.
GUI: Removed the ability to disable the GUI.
GUI: General GUI fixes and improvements.
INPUT: Fixed a bug that prevented automapping of controls for players 2, 3, and 4 from working properly.
INPUT: Added autofire and turbofire.
INPUT: Added an option to merge players 3 & 4 with players 1 & 2, so that on 2-player only games a single player can have multiple input configurations.
INPUT: Added detection of modifier keys (SHIFT, ALT, CTRL, etc.) to the automapper.
INPUT: Only poll keyboard/mouse when necessary.
INPUT: Changed default keyboard configuration.
MISC: Expanded save state, replay, and cheat titles from 16 bytes maximum to 255 bytes maximum.
MISC: PCX and WAV files are now stored in the save path, using the filename of the ROM along with '_XXX' appended, where 'XXX' is a number from 0-999.
MISC: Improved logging facilities.
MISC: Removed console window under Windows.
MISC: Started logging all calls to WARN().
VIDEO: Fixed a possible crash upon exit or when changing various video options.
VIDEO: Lots of fixes for OpenGL.
VIDEO: More fixes in order to play nice with the double-buffered GUI.
VIDEO: Updated to nes_ntsc v0.2.0.
VIDEO: Improved nes_ntsc blitter interface.
VIDEO: Added more video color controls (hue, saturation, contrast, gamma) in addition to brightness, and a cooresponding GUI interface to configure all of them.
VIDEO: Moved video_create_color() to video.h and made it inline and as fast as possible.
VIDEO: Removed color LUT usage for 15- and 16-bit color modes in favor of fast inline truecolor pixel packing instead.
VIDEO: Reduced color LUT depth from 18-bit down to 15-bit since it is only used for 256 color modes now.
VIDEO: Re-merged HQ2X, HQ3X, and HQ4X in a way as to not cause pixel artifacts to form in HQ4X due to conflicts.
VIDEO: Added 400x300 as a standard resolution in the GUI.
VIDEO: Renamed 'hq' blitter interface to 'hqx', which seems to be the accepted standard.
You can get it from here