ePSXe-too low speed, but too high!?


That Guy Nobody Knows...
This has been bothering me for some time now...the plugins I use thatthis happens on is...all of them. So, what's the problem? I set the FPS limit to 59.9 and here's what happens: the speed is too slow: anywhere between 40-59.9, and I think: well, my computer is old, but then...I set it to no limit and the FPS jumps up to 120! So when I have a limit on, the speed is too slow, but when there's no limit, it's too high! Can anyone offer a solution or explanation?
Running Windows XP SP2, With 460 MB RAM, and S3 ProSavageDDR:)fuckyou: ) for my video card. All help appreciated.:)


The Dog Demon
You can set the FPS limit higher than 59.9 and lower than 120 (i play FFIX and i use 100 and it's a little bit fast but it's a good speed)


That Guy Nobody Knows...
I was wondering whether or not that would work..thanks.:)


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Set the setting to 'Fast' mode and set the FPS on 60FPS on any Pete's or P.E.Op.S GPU plugin. (But still recommend P.E.Op.S GPU since you graphic should work better on that.)

Alternatively, you can try pSX if you want. :)