Epsxe Resident Evil 2 Problems.


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O hai.

So I had the random urge to get all my old Playstation games out of the Cabinet. I finally Decided on a game. Good ol' Resident Evil 2. After setting up the Emulator correctly, and popping in the game, I noticed that it would freeze up on me. Mostly Loading screens and such. I took the Disc out of the CD tray and noticed it was scratched to hell. So I decided to Grab myself an ISO. I'm not sure if you guys frown apon this or what not but, I do own the game and can prove it. Now, that I've gotten ahold of an ISO (SLES-10972 and SLES 00972) After starting the game I get maybe to the police station sometimes less ahead. And I get black screens and Freezes still. Now, I have no option of runnign a disc considering I can't burn CD's I don't have and These ISO seem to be glitchy. I have no idea how to fix this.

CPU Specs:

EMulator Specs/plugins:
BIOS: scph1001
Video plugin:petes Open gl driver 1.77
SOund: default

Help would be much appreciated.
[EDIT] I have tried 3 different ISO's and these are said to be the best.
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It's best that you try other Graphic plugins as that plugin you picked requires a better graphic card (unless you HAD one).

Try P.E.Op.S Graphic plugin. :)