ePSXe 1.9 glitching


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Im not sure if there's a specific term for this kind of error, but while the games open just fine, i keep running into a repeating instance of lag/freeze/chopping, best way i can describe it is the video will freeze for about half a second and the sound loops. It clears up from each occurrence quickly but it happens very often to the point where the games i try to use become unplayable due to how timing and reactions are completely thrown off.

Attempted solutions so far:
switching between Pete's OpenGL2Driver 2.9 and P.E.Op.S Soft Driver 1.18
using different versions of ePSXe
tweaking config options like enable/disable frame skipping, Gfx card Vram settings, FPS limit and such.


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Its been too long since i used it to remember the internal options witch can/might affect it. . . you mention switching plugins, but IIRC theres a bunch of options for each plugin you can change aswell.

off the top of my head, some things to watch out for/try maybe. .

If you overclocking your system, Disable the overclock. this was noted as a potential cause in the epsxe faq
If your running from a CD, try copying it to an ISO image and test running it off your Harddrive instead.
Disable the sound plugin just for testing and see if it still freezes/pauses, sound plugin/settings/drivers could be the cause as much as gpu.

beyond that u may want to be a little more specific herhaps, like witch versions you already tried. what system your trying to run this on. and other obvious things you may intentionally not mention because you think computers perform magic and the Millions of other apps you have running in the background arn't going to affect anything your running.

/EDIT heres a switch that may or maynot affect your issue, theres other options/switchs in the docs that affect issues such as yours, but you seem to imply that your not having a game specific issue, but applys to all.

-oldtiming : Uses pre-1.5.1 timing.
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The issue is resolved, was able to make ISOs of my discs and run off that, no more issues, thank you for your advice.