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It's been a while since i touched/played this stuff but the last time i used emulators it was fun because i could insert 999 coins and have 999 lives or continues and that way have fun with friends too, this time tho the insert coin doesn't really work and i can't remember which emulator/platform i used to play like this, i think maybe last time i played arcade games and this time i'm playing nes games so the only i found so far is cheats...

I don't want super powers i just want infinite lives :D

Recommending a few games on any platform wouldn't hurt also.


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Welcome to the forum.

The only emulators you'll find that support coin input are arcade emulators like Mame. There were a number of NES (and snes) games released in arcades so you can play these through mame and use coin input. In most cases though, coining up simply buys you more playtime rather than extra lives so it not specifically what you're looking for.

If you're using emulators for the console though, as with the original system your only option is to use game genie style cheat codes which can be found online. Most emulators do support save states so another bonus is that you can save prior to playing through a section you have difficulty with then just reload from that point each time you die. You could also look for hacked game saves online that people have altered to give you extra lives and stuff. A lot of these knocking about for various titles.

As for game recommendations its a bit tricky because there are just so many to choose from across all platforms. It really depends what type of games you enjoy most.
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Thanks for the welcome it's nice to be here.

Yeah i know Mame but the weird part is that some games i see in the nes platform that aren't in the Mame list for example say TMNT 3 Manhattan project i found it for nes and played it and i remember the same game when i used to play arcade back then and i'm sure it was arcade because i didn't touch nes etc until now so it's kinda strange

About the console part yeah i know i own a Sony Ps.

As for games i'm free to try anything but yeah i'm more of an action kind of guy
if you can't name something how about suggesting a good place to get some?


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Unfortunately the rules on these boards prohibit discussion of where to obtain roms due to them being subject to copyright.

If you like action games and scrolling beat em ups I would recommend stuff like The Punisher, Vendetta, King of Dragons, Knights of the Round and the Dungeons and Dragons games on Mame.

Loads of games back in the 80's were ported, bootlegged and copied, so its possible that TMNT3 was derived and reskinned from another title, or a port of another arcade game hence the familiarity. Its also possible that someone produced a bootleg Playchoice board featuring it.


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Nice PIcks! Thanks

I see some of them are for 2 players or more is there any way to play online with friends etc?


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Mame does do TMNT


and if you get the new mameui version 133 you can use cheats

(as cheats have been removed from Mame lately)


here are the cheats for TMNT2


I use Mamefx as it also allows Hiscore saves

hope that helps

oh and hello emu zone :)
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You only get insert coin options with Arcade emulators like Mame, Model 2 and so on. TMNT 3 was a NES game so the only time you would have seen it in an arcade would be if it was included in the Nintendo Playchoice range or if someone had actually built a dedicated NES cab.


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AFAIK your best bet for online would be using the Kaillera network. It only works with older versions of Mame though (around 80 something I think).

Have a root about on their site (linked) for more info.


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Thanks i think i managed.
been playing for some time now :)

I still could use some more game recommendations doesn't have to be for mame.


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Metal Slug is kind of a unique franchise. Technically I think it would be categorized as a shooter or platformer of some sort.

If you like shooting games in general there are tons out there, from old to new..

U.N Squadron (Area 88)
Don Pachi (there are several, all pretty good)
194x series of shooters (42,43, 45 ?)
Alpha Mission II
Zedblade (Ragnorak)

E-Swat is more of a metal slug type game. It was pretty popular when it came out in Arcades and for Genesis.


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You could probably sub categorise it as a Run and Gun (can't believe I actually posted that, how nerdy am I??!). As Zach says the Metal Slug series is pretty well known as being in the upper echelons of this type of game so be prepared for lots of them not to stack up against it.

You could try Contra for a Rock hard run and Gun challenge, this was also the first proper multi-level R&G type game with lots of power ups and varied enemies and bosses (kind of like what R-Type is for shmups) so its effectively Metal Slugs grandad.

If you're more into the Super Deformed Cartoon styling of Metal Slug then something like In The Hunt (submarine blaster) shares the same graphical touches.

Other run and gun style games to consider:

Green Beret
Special Forces
Special Forces II
Bionic Commando
Super Contra
Contra 3: The Alien Wars (Nintendo Super System)
Vs. Platoon
Battle Rangers
P.O.W. - Prisoners of War
Rough Ranger
Bay Route
M.I.A. - Missing in Action
Midnight Resistance
Thunder Fox
Gunforce 2


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Thanks a lot Zach and FatTrucker (Already played half the list tho)
What about fighting games?
So far i played :
Final Fight 1-3
Battle Toads 1-2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1-3
The Punisher
Warriors Of Fate
Double Dragon 1-3
Die Hard Arcade (This one reminds me of a PSX game hmm)
Any more stuff like that?
You know the games you just kick ass and still look good (how nerdy is that?) and that doesn't require you to play with more than one player to survive unlike some other games like CrimeFighters that are almost impossible to survive alone :)

You can also post your favorite list...
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Violence Fight (sequel to Vendetta.....which was the sequel to Crime Fighters BTW!.)

King Of Dragons, Knights of the Round, Warriors of Fate, Magic Sword, and Black Tiger are all very worth a look.


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Lol i thought they were similar but i assumed it's the same company not the same series anyway Violence Fight is ok but i do prefer fighting games that are not 1 on 1.
Half your list i already said in my post and the other have don't seems to be fighting only King Of Dragons seems to fit the style a bit.


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My fault, I didn't mean Violence Fight, I meant Violent Storm = sequel to Vendetta.

Knights of the Round is also a scrolling beat em up.