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Emulator updates!


New member
Here are some emulators being updated so far. :cool:

Nestopia v1.25 (NES)
Official Site : >CLICK HERE!<

FakeNES WIP 1-13-2006 (NES)
Official Site : >CLICK HERE!<

ZSNES January 05 2006 WIP (SNES)
Official Site : >CLICK HERE!<

Kega Fusion v3.51 (Sega Genesis)
Official Site : >CLICK HERE!<

Hoxs64 v1.0.4.5 (Commodores 64)
Official Site : >CLICK HERE!<

CPCE v1.54 (Amstrad CPC)
Official Site : >CLICK HERE!<

Virtual Jaguar GCC/SDL v1.07 (Atari Jaguar)
Official Site : >CLICK HERE!<

Note about correction from this site.

BGB (Gameboy)
The latest version should be BGB v1.12, not BGB v1.2.
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