Dualis R20 Released!


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The plugin based Nintendo DS emulator Dualis has been updated. Please note Dualis is not able to run dumps of NDS cartridges at the moment.
CPU: Fixed some problems with mode changes after SUBS
CPU: Fixed some problems with SWI 6
CPU: Fixed some problems with address writeback for LDM instructions
CPU: Modified interrupt return address handling a bit
CPU: Added a few missing LDM/STM instructions
CPU: Added the Thumb BLX instructions
GPU: Fixed alpha blending for extended palette BGs
GPU: Added the possibility to turn off 3D emulation
APU: Added support for ADPCM audio
MMU: Fixed some destination address control bugs in DMA transfers
MMU: Fixed some problems with the IPC FIFO
MMU: Added support for IPC FIFO interrupts
MMU: Added support for virtual ITCM resizing (up to 32 MB)
MMU: Added support for 64bit/64bit->64bit operations to the hardware divider
GUI: Fixed some problems with the keyboard shortcuts when using the debugging windows

When running the demos from E3 2005 you should generally use the GDI renderer and disable 3D emulation in the video settings. It should also be noted that touchscreen input does not work in those demos at this point.
You can get it here