Dualis R20.1 Released!


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A new version of th most actively deleveloped Nintendo DS emulator Dualis has been released. Thses are the main changes:
GPU: Fixed some texture transparency problems
GPU: Fixed some bugs when rendering 16-color rotoscale OBJs
GPU: Fixed some bugs when rendering extended palette rotoscale BGs
MMU: Added experimental SPI touchscreen handling
MMU: Fixed some bugs in the handling of long filenames in the FAT
GUI: Improved timer event handling a bit
GUI: Fixed .zip loading
GUI: Added support for .7z loading

The SPI touchscreen handling is not perfect yet and only works somewhat, so the old faked method is still used as a fallback for homebrew ROMs using libnds.
As usual you can get it here


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Why does it always crash whenever I'm loading a ROM?
According to Windows, the problem is user32.dll.


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Maybe this is the problem (quoted from Dualis FAQ)
"I'm trying to run a binary and the emulator crashes"
This version of Dualis only supports ARM9 binaries. The emulator loads the binary into main memory starting at 0x2004000, and then excutes it from there.
Make sure you're not trying to run a binary containing code for the ARM7, or one that relies on being executed from ROM.
If it still doesn't work, then your code is probably relying on some feature which hasn't yet been implemented in Dualis.