DoosraPSX 1.4.0 u1 (Best for PS2 Emu)

Farhan Ahmad

New member
First update of DoosraPSX 1.4.0 is released with major bug fixes and improvements.

DoosraPSX is a frontend for Sony PlayStation 2 emulator (PCSX2) can be run on Windows platform. Main concept of this programme is to cover and manage all your PS2 games at one station and also to play and config easily as compared to original emulator. DoosraPSX is definitely the best frontend ever made for PS2 emulator because of its excellant beginner friendly features:

- Excellant outlook
- Very Simple and beginner friendly functions
- Games list made comfort to manage and play PS2 games
- Displays game serial, region, video system, developer, year of manufacturing, genre and other details
- Cover arts included
- Upto 6576 PS2 games listing
- A huge and fully offline database
- Auto detection of games from PS2 CD/DVD images
- More simple and easy configuration options
- Game individual config
- A lot of helpful info

What's new in 1.4.0 update-1:
- Almost every game of USA region included.
- Almost every game of Europe region included.
- More games of Japan region added.
- Games list updated to 6576 titles with database and covers.
- Removed all duplicate game enteries.
- Available games list will be sort by name.
- Fixed missing cover of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
- Display number of all games and selected game number in list.
- Fixed invalid image format error during scanning games.
- Scanning games speed improved.
- Fixed stuck issue when running game by Run Disc without disc.

search DoosraPSX v1.4.0 u1 on google to download
because this forum denies me to share external links.