Decompress bin file from a arcade game


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Hello, I'm desperately trying to unzip a bin file to see and extract its contents. This bin file was originally from a chd file of an arcade game using Sega SystemSP, I tried with software like Magiciso or Ultraiso but none worked. Would you have any help please?


That should help you:

GDROM Explorer is a small tool that enables you to view and extract all data from SEGA Dreamcast and Naomi disc images.

Main features:

Multiple file format support: org.GD-ROM Image (.gdi), Mode 1 binary image (.bin), ISO9660 image (.iso) and Padus DiscJuggler (.cdi).
IP.BIN/IP0000.BIN viewer
Primary Volume Descriptor viewer
MR image extraction and conversion
Cue sheet creation
Sort file creation
Extract files (IP.BIN and IP0000.BIN included)
Support drag’n drop to extract files to the Windows Explorer
Convert GD-DA (raw audio tracks) to CD-DA
Encrypt/Decrypt Naomi b

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