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CPS3 Emulator v1.0


Windows 10
This is the final version of the CPS3 emulator.

It adds transparency effects (not actual transparency, but
well it looks like that :) ), although it's not fully understood yet.

Fixed palette transformation for flashes, and fadein/outs, now
blacks properly fade to white.

Fixed crashes in some zoomin ending sequences in SF3 games.

Fixed a 1 pixel offset in the framebuffer that was causing a 1 pixel
column problem in the left side of the screen sometimes.

Added support for Nebula external video plugins (there is some source
code and the interface documents in the plugins folder).

Added CHD (MAME's compressed Hard Disks CD Images) support. Just put
the .chd files in the CHD folder in the main directory (sorry, no path
selection for it). And the bios (or the full roms zip) romsets in
the ROMS directory. When loading a CHD romset, the emulator will run
the entire startup sequence so it will take a while to boot (early games
just have a black screen) while the bios waits for the cd to spin up.
You don't need to go through the flashrom rewritting sequence, although
you can see how it looks (just for fun, as it doesn't actually write
anything) by going to Test menu and selecting "Game Rewrite". Using CHDs
doesn't have an actual benefit (except for seeing the exact startup
sequence of the game machine) apart from being able to run Warzard in
any region because Warzard always checks the cd ingame unless it's set to
asia, so by having the real CD emulation through CHD, you can run it in
any region).

I do more updates here than anyone !!!LOL