Emulator Problem: Core I7 and PCSX2 recommendation for performance


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Wanted to share my finding:
I've been playing DQ8 and P3 FES and experienced very annoying game slowdowns - games were playing like in a slow motion at times.
Strange as I have 4.3 GHz Core I7 (new one - Ivy Bridge) and PC 19200 memory (around 2Ghz overclocked) with decent video (AMD HD5850)...
What I found out - the most commonly used speedhacks are actually the cause of the slow downs and more specifically EE cyclerate and VU cycle stealing.
Once I set these 2 speedhacks to 1 and 0 respectively all slowdowns were *fully* gone.


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ill have to check those settings on my configuration cause im having some slowdowns as well .. thanks for the tip may save me some headache.