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Hello everyone, I just joined this site and am in need for some advice. Can anyone recommend a decent, ready-to-go laptop, that could run SNES, PS1 and N64 emulators at full speed? I am hoping to spend around 300-400 dollars, and to be honest will probably just pick it up at walmart or Ebay if possible. I'd like the computer itself to be physically small, but powerful enough for smooth gaming (it will rarely be used for anything else) I am NOT very knowledgeable in computers or electronics, I'd really like to just buy the system, download the emulators, and play. I know practically nothing about graphics cards, memory, etc. Yes, I will go ahead and admit I am a idiot/hillbilly/troglodyte concerning technology. I'm just looking to re-live some of my cherished childhood gaming memories, and I hope you good folk can point me in the right direction. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!


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Your not asking for much here, the n64 is going to be the only emulator that require any hard work and at that computers from the Late 1990's did that. All of these emulators run ok on androids also but being your not savvy it is not the best way to go. There are so many laptops in that price range its not even ridicules.

Here is a way to search 7
This search got it down to a few laptops for you.

You may want to adjust the slider I set for you.

First set the price range.
Then set the screen size ( 8 inch to 12 inch for example? ) I dont know how small you want it.
Then your CPU does not need to go over 2 GB so you can set that from 1-2 or 1-4 for more laptops.
Memory is irrelevant anything will have enough for you.

You you find something you like or have questions about it ask away.

If possible I would stand clear of window 8. Windows 7 runs things well and acts more like a traditional computer. That win 8 stuff confuses a lot of folks. So I set it to win 7 for you.

Also "refurbished' is like used but the manufacture says its good.

Another thing to consider is the hard drive space. the only collection that you mentioned that takes up a lot of space is play station. If you wanted a boot load of roms you would need a big hard drive. A 500GB would hold all snes n64 and a few hundred psx.
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You do realize he is calling himself an idiot right?

MANY thanks Ulaolao. That is exactly the kind of input I was hoping for. I actually lucked into a deal on a very nice used inspiron E1705, which I couldn't pass up, and I have psx 1.13 up and running on it. Many of my rooms work perfect, but others do not. I plan to start another thread in the appropriate section to address those problems. I hope you'll comment again in my new thread. Once again, thanks a ton.


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I have a windows xp disc and i think ( i hope ) i have everything backed up but i dont know anybody i can turn to if something goes weird.