Compilation of mednafen and mednaffe


In Debian download mednafen source code:

Unpack it somewhere nawigate to folder by cd command.

Install dependiencies by sudo apt build-dep mednafen.

Write in terminal: ./configure then sudo make install.

After instalation of mednafen download source code of mednaffe the best choice is latest version in this example im using

Unpack it somewhere navigate to folder.

Install dependiencies by sudo apt build-dep mednaffe.

Write in terminal ./configure sudo make install.

Congratulations you have now latest version to use.


New member
myself have already done this manually, but I'm sure even more people would use the Mednaffe/Mednafen PSX core combo (for instance; but the original cores are probably the most useful) if there'd be some way to automate Redump CUE download, M3U creation (for multi-CD games) and the associated necessary renaming of stuff according to the scanned ISOs in the specified games folder. It seems to me that this is what most casual people have problems figuring out.