Casio FX-603P Programmable Scientific Calculator Emulator for Android


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The FX-603PX is an Android emulation of the legendary Casio FX-603P and its printer and tape accessory. This emulator is based on the GNU Open Source Emulator FX-603P by Martin Krischik, but specifically optimized for high definition Android displays. It emulates almost exactly the functionalities of the original calculator and can be used as a full-featured programmable scientific calculator.

The FX-603PX supports all arithmetic, trigonometric, logarithmic, hyperbolic, statistical functions and all alphanumeric display options of the original calculator and last not least the FX-603PX is fully programmable. You can write up to 20 programs, using 110 registers.

With the build in FA-6 cassette interface simulation you can save and load programs and data to your Android internal or external memory card for later use. Results can be printed out with the FP-10 thermal printer emulator and copied/pasted to other applications.

You can download it at: