can i rotate my nosgba screen yet?


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Can't rotate the screen yet on 2.4c.

BTW i can rotate monitor output using my ATI driver program when try Marvel Card DS :D.
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can i rotate my nosgba screen yet in the new 2.3c version?

cause id like to play brain age now without locking my neck in a weird angle:p.

i tried desmume where i can rotate but it doesnt work.

it just shows me the loading screen in the beginning then it just freezes up on me.

thanx in advance

When you download no$gba... Please read the changelog and if rotate support is not in the list then you have to wait for the future. :)


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yeah i can rotate screen output too with ati but my mouse just doesnt seem to cooperate with me :p.

ok so can ay of you tell me why i cant get it to work on desmume then?
cause that does support rotation just the game locks up after the loading screen.


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I haven't tried out Brain Age, so I can't be certain, but I think it's just not yet supported by DesMume. Still, with DesMume, at times it may actually be better to go with older builds, but I've never actually tried Brain Age. Sorry. :(
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