Game Problem: Burning PS1 GAME PROBLEMS


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hello, i bought a modded ps1 a while back so i could backup my collection of games in case they get scratched. But for some reason some of them don't work. It's different each time but at some point they will all freeze, stick on a loading screen, or the sound or graphics will begin to glitch and skip (this usually happens before freezing) At first i thought the problem was i couldn't burn them at 1x speed which was recommended to me, i could only burn in 4X. But then i played one of the games, Thrill Kill, and it worked flawlessly regardless that i burned it at 4x. I thought it may be the type of cds i use as the type Thrill kill is on is labeled to be compatible with speeds 1X-40X even though i burned it at 4X. I found it plausible. Until 2 minuets later when i found out the discs that contain the games that don't work don't work have the same speed compatibility. I tried looking at their digital specs through Nero disc speed and both types said 4X speed minimum. I've scowerd the internet for help but all of them contradict each other. I've tried everything i can think of. if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please HELP ME!!!!