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blueMSX 2.5


New member
Version 2.5 of blueMSX will be released globally 8.7 at 14:00 GMT ! The big launch event has been arranged today at the MSX Info Update 2006 party in Helsinki. Daniel Vik presents new features to all party visitors on video.

After almost 10 months since the previous release, the new version of blueMSX is a big update, full of very advanced features :

- The implementation of a new controllers and keyboard editor gives still more comfort to the gamers and will allow to support easily other computers or consoles in future versions.

- Requested since a long time by the MSX developers, the hard disk emulation is now a reality and besides the well-known Sunrise IDE hard disk controllers, blueMSX has also implemented the Beer IDE and GIDE supports.

- In the musical domain, blueMSX is the first emulator that is capable to support the Yamaha CX5M, CX5M-128 and CX7M-128 computers by emulation of the YM2151 sound chip and the YK-01, YK-10 and YK-20 music keyboards. The MIDI part of the Yamaha SFG cartridges is not yet available.

Which are the other changes ?

In the emulator :
- Added support for the MHT Ingenieros Gunstick and the ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser
- Added support for two 80 columns graphics cards on MSX1 : Microsol VMX-80 and SVI-737
- Added support for Video In, Sony HBI-V1 digitizer and the digitization part of the Philips NMS-8280 computer
- Added superimpose and external video source support in V9938 emulation
- Added support for PNG screenshots
- Added support for creating new disk images of various size on MSX and SVI-328
- Added support for undocumented screen mode (screen 0 with screen 2 style name table addressing)
- Added a new display synchronization method
- Added a video option to blend consecutive frames and get smoother picture
- Added support for the YM2149 PSG
- Fixed the MIDI-IN support in the Turbo-R machines
- Added new rom mappers for SFG-01 and SFG-05 (used in the Yamaha music computers), the F&M Direct Assembler System and the SG-1000 version of The Castle
- Improved SRAM enable/disable handling in FM-PAC
- Restructured Keyboard and Joystick input
- Optimized the video rendering
- Added support for running blueMSX from read only media
- Added support for running blueMSX without storing any data on local machine
- Fixed addressing in Konami mappers
- Fixed bug in 1kB ram mapper used in ColecoVision and SG-1000
- Border rendering is now cycle accurate
- Fixed HREFRESH timing in VDP
- Fixed bug in XVRAM emulation
- Fixed sprite status bug
- Fixed VDP timing in Turbo-R and MSX2+ machines

In the debugger :
- Added find dialog to search for strings or values in the memory
- Improved editing in memory window
- Added debugging support of OPL sound chips

In the trainer :
- Extended the cheat database to 396 MSX games

You can find this emulator here : http://www.bluemsx.com