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Emulator Release: BizHawk 2.6.2


Major TAStudio enhancements, and numerous core updates.

Set all cores to update Frame counter post-emulation. NOTE: This is a sync breaking change for MGBA movies using RTC, as the time sent to the core was the pre-incremented time.

update to 0.9.1


Fix RTC on Hard Reset
MBC3 Fixes
Support setting inital RTC state during a movie recording
Fix layer masking
Move layer masking to sync settings (these settings affect sync)
Block toggle layer hotkeys when movie recording
Update GBA modeswitch timing and testROM accuracy
Fix autodetection of console mode
Add wisdom tree mapper suport
clarify sync settings (#2688)


Fix OAM DMA Bus Conflict emulation (#2709)
#2715 , still needs vram open bus fix but that's seperate


Add missing mapper variable to state for some pirate games


Fix PAL time calculation (#2684)


Fix default PCE gamepad bindings (fixes #2720)
Fix crashes in PCE debugger


Add N64 plugin categories (#2729)
Fix memory.read to allow addresses 0x80000000..0xFFFFFFFF (#1734)


Add missing menacer keys (#2718)


Fix aspect ratio (#2670)


Fix system Id (#2650)


Implement memory hooks (#2726)


Fix FormatException on startup on certain locales (#2716)
Fix GB Layers not toggling (#2491)
Add utvideo to ffmpeg dumper
Movies - respect LogKey of loaded movie
Firmware Config - don't treat known-but-bad as good (#2224)
Fix bug where nothing happens on the first press when frame interval is 1 (#2667)
Add delta compression option (Good size reduction for some cores, less useful for others)
Ram Watch - fix autoload
Hex Editor - .tbl file loading - clear table before loading a new one, ignore empty lines in file
Debugger - Add rgbds syntax for GB/C disassembly (#2706)
CDL - Fix SNES core crash on load (#2662)
Fix Log Window (#2694)
Accept all 4 colour formats in all Lua functions (#2602)
Support swapping input using joypad.set() and joypad.get()
client.seekframe - Prevent hangs from trying to go backwards
lua socket fixes (#2194, #2671)
MovieClock.lua - use cycle based time for Gambatte/SubGBHawk (#2708)
Fix auto-restore bug where auto-restore position was not set correctly the first time using it after auto-restore usage earlier in the movie
Fix broken tastudio when selecting "New from the File" menu item and saving changes when asked
Fix autoload
Fix Converting to bk2 resulting in unsaved changes never asterisk appearing (#2583)
Fix branch loading (#2640)
Fix hotkeys
Fix right-clicking a branch when the contextmenu was already open would throw an exception
Branch view will now scroll to the updated branch when using hotkeys to update a branch
Fix exception, scroll to branch on updating branch and fix #2645
Make load branch hotkey deselect all but one branch
Add initial marker in frame 0 when loading older tasprojs (#2693)