Atari++ 1.44 Released!


The Atari 8 bits systems emulator has been updated today. Read the changes for more information:

  • Fixed the SetIRQ service routine of the built-in Os.
  • Fixed (again) the Antic NMI/DLI generation.
  • Fixed CPU handling of the WSYNC register (broke Atlantis)
  • Fixed the keyboard handler of the 5200 emulation which did not generate the up/down bits properly.
  • Fixed the light pen code generation.
  • Fixed parts of the 65C02 emulation, zero page access was not extending properly to page 1.
  • Fixed a lot of compilation problems on 64 bit architectures, special thanks goes to Alexander Müller for helping me to hunt down these bugs.
  • Fixed the SDL detection in configure.
  • Fixed the player generation logic again a bit, did not support horizontal player splitting quite as it should.
  • Improved the emulator handling of warnings, you can now go back to the menu.
  • Added emulation of 1050 internal diagnostic commands.
  • Fixed SIO return codes for SIO bypass routines.
Download the emulator from here.