Game Problem: Are all existing Harvest Moon: Magical Melody ROMs faulty?


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(Excuse my multitude of threads, I'm just having ROM-problem-mania today)

So I've found like 4 different ROMs for Harvest Moon Magical Melody for the GC. Tried playing all of them on the Dolphin emulator and they all have the same problem:
The game loads up, and the music starts playing for the opening sequence, but there's no picture. If you skip through that, if you gives you the title options of New Game, Options, etc etc. The usual stuff. And you can play on through to New Game. Then there's music and even dialogue boxes, like you're playing normally, but still no background video.

Is there a ROM that plays normally or a way to fix it?


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I found how to fix the issue.

Start the Dolphin emulator, go to the graphics tab (right of the config button). go to the Hacks tab, and then under EFB copies switch it to RAM.

You may notice a drop in performance (only a very slight drop for me), but the game should be playable.

I realize this post is a year late, but hopefully it helps someone

Edit: I also had some more problems after making that switch, but got it working by enabling the external frame buffering (defaulted as disable). as well, enabling per-pixel depth may have helped. Do all these things, and hopefully your game will work.
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