Android for Emulation?


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I've been using my PSP for a portable emulation system for the longest time. But it's getting old now and I'd like to emulate systems like the Amiga, and maybe if I'm lucky PS2 (I haven't looked into that one at all heh). So I've been considering getting an Android device since there are lots of emulators for that.

And since I know nothing about Android in the slightest... what's the best solution for a portable, play-all system? It needs physical controls too. But the Android market just seems so complex to me (iOS user, not really into mobile tech though).

Or is there a better, non-Android device out there?

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Well, you know that thing they call a laptop is perfect for your situation. Though a notebook might be better, I recommend getting a cheap laptop throwing 100$ into it and then putting linux on it for kick-butt tier speed and portable emulation. However I've heard that the android can emulate GameCube games and that you can connect a PS3 and PS4 controller via bluetooth to it. If it can take the GC it can take the PS2 I'm sure, it's just a matter of space and emulator application. If you can't find it on the appstore try here HERE that's an apk torrent site that might have it I don't usually go there but you never know.