An SSF alpha problem


sonic springboard
Hey guys
I am fairly new to the ssf alpha emulator and this is the first time ive tryed to set it up properly.
I have daemon tools and have mounted the cue image to the virtual drive, i have all bios selected and generaly the whole config looks good.
The problem im having is that when i run the image i get a message on the saturn menu screen ( Disk not suitable for this system ) and if i hit play it plays a saturn audio message. I have no idea what im doing wrong :(


Abusus non tollit usum
Rather than going with automatic selection, open the emulator, assign the specific bios for the region game you are trying to play then save and shut down. Restart the emulator and boot the game.

If you aren't sure which region your game is (EU, US, JAP etc) then try the above method with each of your bios files until you find the one that fits.

I had a similar issue with SSF and found that it wouldn't switch bios on the fly, you need to restart the emu each time you change it.

Hope that helps.


sonic springboard
Yep correct again fat trucker cheers :) it works fine now :) it was simply a case of reseting the regions and bios untill i found the correct match also needs to be reseted each time

Thanks man :)