Amiga emulation question


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So i'm trying to run WinUAE1450 on my laptop y also have kickstarter 13 and 30
and i put them in the Winuae folder but for some reason the emulator just doesent work. every time y try to start it up it dysplays this image of the kickstarter floppy disk. Am I doing something wrong :confused:


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If you're struggling with WinUAE I would definitely recommend downloading the excellent Lemonade front-end from Lemon Amiga.

It takes all the hassle out of it by automatically launching each game with the correct config and even downloads all the screenshots and things itself. Probably one of the most user friendly GUI's I've ever come across and makes using WinUAE a doddle even if someone has never owned an Amiga before.

Follow this Link to Lemon Amiga and click on the Lemonade tab at the top of the homepage. Its an excellent site all round for anything Amiga related.

Hope that helps.