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Just wanna share with you this poem about gaming.
I hope you'll like it.:)

So you like this game, you say?
You think it's rather fun?
A cure for boredom, you reply,
The addiction has begun!

So in this wild, cruel fantasy
What do you hope to achieve?
You sit in shadow both day n' night,
You're mind will easily deceive.

Opportunity! you have been chosen
A night away from play,
But it's funny how you disagree
When you really want to stay!

Omegaman V2.0

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Pretty cool, I guess


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Pretty cool poem.

The Monkey Man

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Great poem! :D

Ya know, gaming is like chocolate - sweet and addictive. But too much is bad for you. ;-;


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good you write as a hobby. i used to write short stories about the groups i would create in my games. the best ones were from the game wizzardry 5 / heart of the maelstrom. i was doing a walkthrough and i got bored...started doodling