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Considering the Xbox is basically a (very obsolete) PC wouldn't running the Xbox OS on a virtual machine be a hell of allot easier then trying to emulate the whole damn system when it doesn't even seem to be necessary? I mean it is basically running a modded version of windows 2000.


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That is a misconception. Yes its similar but its not identical. There is a lot more to emulating then people think. Emulating a computer on a computer is nothing new but your suggesting an OS on an OS. The fact is the xbox is not just an OS, its a proprietary computer. So no VM ware is not going to work because the XBOX software will not work on our systems. We still have to emulate the hardware.

Read this by the author of cxbx.

It maybe possible to see a HLE version of an xbox emulator. I mean really high level like ultra-hle but I'm sure there are reasons that will not work as we have not seen anyone succeed there.
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