360 Emulator?


Abusus non tollit usum
Current Top End PC's are still no-where near the level that would be required to emulate current gen tech. While simulators could be made that would run 360 software on a PC, they would breach so many copyrights the authors would just be a smoking pair of shoes by the time M$ was through with them.

Emulators need to be able to emulate everything a hardware platform does using non-infringing techniques. Emulators generally have to do in software what a lot of chips do in hardware meaning the number crunching required is immense by comparison.

Old consoles with complicated chipsets (like the Saturn) still struggle to run on many modern machines and these are enormously primitive compared to current gen tech.

For about the millionth time (not that anyone actually takes any f**king notice), comparing PC specs to console specs where emulation is concerned is like comparing a garden cabbage and the Empire State Building as a means of calculating the volume of the Universe - irrelevant, pointless and ultimately retarded.

Want to play current gen games?.....go out and f**king buy them, support the industry that feeds us.
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